The Kubasa Pride

By Patrick O’Brien on November 14, 2011

The white pride known as Kubasa Pride is back

We have been lucky to see the pride for 3 days in a row. The pride is still not complete and with the absence of the 2 large females the youngsters are taking a bit of strain. I hope that they will be able to rejoin the adult females soon.
 the young white lioness
 typical grooming time
By Patrick O’Brien

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6 thoughts on “The Kubasa Pride

  1. Thanks for the update Patrick. We hope to see the whole Kubasa pride in April 2012 during our visit to Kings Camp.

  2. Hi Patrick! So happy that the Kubasa pride is hanging in there. I sure do hope that we will be privileged to see them on our next visit. Will get back to you tomorrow via email.

    Rain, rain, beautiful rain! Yipee. Hope KC was not innundated as were areas of Kenya…just enough to make everythin green and fill the dams and watering holes.

    Our best to everyone at KC!

    Joy, Camarillo, CA

  3. Yes Patrick, lets hope they rejoin their adults real soon…too vulnerable to be on their own. These two are such a special attraction to your viewing area.

    Thanks for keeping us posted.

    Stay well, stay safe.

    Kindest regards.


  4. Oh Man, they are really Beautiful!! You all are so privillaged to be there 24/7. I really hope to see you all soon again!!

    please send love and regards to Maggie, Johannes, melissa and Morné, as well as all the other fantastic staff!!

  5. I hope the Kubasa Pride is back together soon. Where does the name Kubasa come from? How fortunate you and your guests have been to see them for three days.

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