The latest news on Rockfig Leopardess and Cub

By Patrick O’Brien on September 21, 2008

This morning on drive

We had the best leopard sighting of the month.

Rockfig female and her now 6-month-old cub were found feeding on a 2-day-old impala carcass.

She laid meters from the vehicle and stalk-played with mom.

Mother on the other hand was less interested in jnr and was watching out for danger.

The cub is fast becoming relaxed with the vehicles and I have no doubt that she will produce awesome sightings during the next several months. Enjoy the images.

By Patrick O‘Brien – Head guide.
Cub Playing with mom. By Patrick O‘Brien - Head guide.
Cub playing with mom.By Patrick O‘Brien - Head guide.
Tactile communication with mom. By Patrick O‘Brien - Head guide
Jnr‘s new set of teeth. By Patrick O‘Brien - Head guide.
Jnr‘s feeding on impala remains. By Patrick O‘Brien - Head guide.

9 thoughts on “The latest news on Rockfig Leopardess and Cub

  1. These are Lovely photo’s Pat. Wish I had been on drive for that sighting!! They are both such beautiful leopards!

  2. You take the most awsome photos, I thnk you should publish a book of your work, I miss the camp and all of the people there. Hope your plans for christmas part for children are going well.

  3. This sighting was so spectacular .. we were privileged to be a part of it.

    Thanks again to Patrick and Remember .. we’ll remember this sighting always.

    Cheers, Anne and Gary

  4. The interactions between mother and cub are special. I can almost imagine being there in person, as you have caught some amazing moments. Your guests were very lucky to see this, as are we.

  5. To reiterate other comments. Your pictures are stunning. You are a true artist and you must publish a book. I printed out a book on iphoto called Wild & Beautiful Africa about the safari experience which I eventually would like to publish. I also have now published a new actor book called THEY DARED TO DREAM which is going to be in bookstores in a couple weeks. You can look it up on line. But seriously your animal pictures are art and you must set up an exhibition. Best. Karen

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