The Life of a Lion

By Kings Camp Team on August 10, 2020

It’s World Lion Day and to celebrate we are looking at the dynamics at play within a pride of lions. 

Photo by Cathan Moore

So what do lions do all day? Each member of the pride has different roles and responsibilities, which they need to fulfil for the pride to function properly.


Time to wake up old man. Did you know that male lions sleep an average of 20 hours per day? The male lion has various roles within the pride. He is the leader and his first job is to protect his territory from unwelcome visitors.



The “king of the jungle” is always watching.


Photo by Grant Murphy

Males often form partnerships as brothers or cousins, where they can share the workload of safeguarding the pride.


Photo by Cathan Moore


While males sleep all day females are tasked with doing all the hard work. The female’s primary role is hunting to provide food for the ever-hungry pride. Females work together intelligently to bring down prey.



They are always on the lookout for the next meal.


Photo by Sveva Moore


Feeding a hungry pride is a tough job, but they manage quite well.



Photo by Cathan Moore


While they are not hunting the females have to care for and raise their cubs. Protecting these little ones from the ever-present danger that comes with being a young lion.



Cubs spend their days learning from adults…



Acting mean…


Photo by Sveva Moore


Trying to get some sleep…



Perfecting their hunting skills…






And playing the fool.


Photo by Cathan Moore

Together they form a formidable pride that loves a good afternoon catnap.

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