The loss of a Legend!

By Warren Moore on May 17, 2009

It is with great sadness

that i bring you the news of the death of our beloved Maganjane male leopard.

Mangajan was shot and killed by a field guide from a neighbour lodge early last Monday morning, the 11th May. The field guide was out in the bush on foot when Maganjan without warning charged out at him. The guide fired a warning shot intially to try and deter the anmimal from attacking. However, the leopard kept coming at him and showed serious intent to follow through with the attack. The guide in a split second took the descision to shoot the animal in self defence. From the investigation it is believed that the leopard was shot at a distance of two meters from the guide.

As you can imagine, we are all deeply shocked and saddened by his loss. In his memory, please feel free to add your pictures of him onto the blog or you can join the facebook group “In memory of Mangajan” where there are already over 80 members.



Macunjani By Patrick O‘Brien - Head guide
Macunjani By Patrick O‘Brien - Head guide
Macunjani By Patrick O‘Brien - Head guide

34 thoughts on “The loss of a Legend!

  1. OMG Warren…What a tragedy!!!

    I am devastated by the news. Please accept my condolences to you and the staff at Kings Camp. Maganjani was an awesome animal. He will be greatly missed!


    Chris from California

  2. Warren,

    I am so sorry to hear of this tragic news. My condolences, as well, to the King Camp team as I know Maganjani was a revered family member. I am eternally grateful to have had the opportunity to witness this magnificent animal during my stays.



  3. Warren, Leisha and all at Kings Camp.

    I am crying as I write, I am so sorry for your loss.

    Mum and Dad told me today and we are devastated.

    With Love,

    Rachael, Roy and Ella xx

    (Dave & Vicky’s daughter)

  4. What can I say? While we did not see this magnificant creature, this news made me weep.

    It’s a great loss to the gene pool.yet, this is why staff are armed. It is not Disneyland out in the bush… It’s just the way it is. Still, how sad, how very sad.

    PS We miss you all at KC so much!


  5. We are all very humbled and appreciative of your support and good wishes.Thank you! Mangajane’s spirit will live on in his three daughters, Nthombi, Nkatheko and Kuhanya.

  6. I couldn’t believe it when I read this, I only saw him a couple of times last year in june and I was so looking forward to seeing him again in october this year. I can only imagine how you guys at Kings must be feeling as you would have seen him most days of the year. A true legend of the animal realm. My heart also goes out to the guide that had to make that decision, sometimes I think we all forget that it is life and death out there., my heart felt condolences. See you early October.

  7. I bumped into Andre at KMIA and he told me. What sad news…. I guess you have to look back and remember all the awesome sightings and moments you had with him. My kids were very sad when they heard the news!

  8. Dearest Warren,

    What a painful duty for you to have to post the details of Mangajan’s death. We too are totally devastated by the news and mourn this wonderful animal- also, what a heartrending decision for the guide to have made. Our hearts go out to you all at Kings Camp. We are so privileged to have been able to see Mangajan on so many ocassions. Much love to you all, see you soon.

  9. Dear Warren

    Our hearts reach out to you in the sad loss of your beloved Mangajan. The loss of any animal is the loss of a good friend his spirit will live on in your hearts – footprints forever

    Thinking of you Heather and Steve Beswick

  10. Dear Warren and Guides,

    I am so sorry that you are experiencing the tremendous loss of this beautiful leopard. You will keep his spirit alive

    by showing his photos and telling the stories about his life in the reserve.

  11. What a terrible tragedy, and our hearts go out to all of you. We never had the pleasure of seeing Mangajan, but I’m sure he’s in a place now where there are lots of butterflies to chase, with naps in between.

    Much Love,

    Christian and Rochelle DeBaun

  12. This is shocking news, indeed. Know our thoughts are with all of you. We were not fortunate enough to see Mangajan but had wonderful sightings of Rockfig and her cub. The bush is not an easy place, and from the description provided, the field guide faced a terrible choice.

    With our condolences, Anne and Gary

  13. Although i didnt know this cat and never seen it online it makes me sad.

    What i do is think he/she was the teacher on the little cubs i see online at different websites.

    karula ( i dont know how many of you know here) she is a female Leopard, teaching 2cubs the way to survive in the wildernes.

    Cubs are Called Induna and Mixo.

    Thoose 3 are dooing very well.

    Looking at them makes me happy!

  14. Dear Warren and Team

    We are so sorry to hear of your sad loss.We were fortunate enough to see Mangajan and this is truly devasting news.

    Take Care

  15. Joe & Amanda Kotze on behalve of the Rotary Club of Polokwane.One is aware of all the dangers in the field, but it still does not detract from the fact that he was a very fine attraction,hopefully we will soon have another Mangajan.


  16. May the Batman rest in peace.His spirit will live on in the Timbavati.

    Hendrik &Kim

  17. to all at kings camp,

    am saddened to hear about the loss of such a beautiful leopard. we were so lucky to have seen him and he seemed so docile as we sat and admired him from the jeep.

    We will cherish our photos and memories all the more.

  18. Warren- So sad to hear the news about Maganjane. I will always keep him in my heart. Again so sorry for your and all of our loss. Be well. Karen

  19. Warren, Leisha, Patrick and team….we are all devastated by the news. After multiple trips to Kings and Matt’s memorable month working with you we feel your loss deeply , even though we are so far away. Let us hope those wonderful cubs all prosper so we can come back and enjoy their development as "heirs to the throne" of a magnificent animal !

  20. Hi Patrick

    Terrible news about Maganjane. Tell me, do you know if this was this the same leopard that had the large impala kill in a tree on 2nd May that Cynet and Albert did such a fantastic job tracking??

  21. OH NO….! OMG Waz, Lish, all of you I am so so sad;-( and sad for you all to. I know exactly how you all feel about all the animals in the bush but particuarly the big cats. You must be devastated more so than any of us, you live amongst them and they are a huge part of your lives, your family at Kings camp. A big empty hole will be left by Maganjane. I feel very sorry to for the ranger concerned. Im sure he is deeply saddened by what he had to do and has to live with it. My thoughts are with you as they are every day. Love you all lots xx

  22. OMG….Warren, Patrick, and all at Kingscamp…my heartfelt thoughts of how sad this must be for all of you. I remember this beautiful and magnificent animal from my visit there in Feb 2009…and now I weep for him. My heart goes out to the field guide who had to make this tough decision…it could not have been easy for him.

    Stay well…and stay safe.

    Kind regards.

  23. Dear Kings Camp team I feel your sorrow and loss. But in your hearts Maganjane is still alive and running around.

    Kind regards

    Tripta and Annique Blank

  24. Having read the brief account of what happened to your well loved leopard, I feel for all who knew him. But most of all I feel sorry for the field guide who had to make that split second decision. Poor guy !! It must have been heart-rending for him.

  25. Mangajan was a magnificent animal and will be sorely missed. When we were at King’s Camp we saw him sauntering out of the dry river bed and walking down the road right next to the vehicle. I will post a close up we got of him as he went by the car. We followed Mangajan for 30 minutes and he was an amazing creature.

    -Rich, Lauren and Jessica

  26. So very sorry, he was beautiful. We are so glad that we got the chance to see him on our last day at Kings Camp, we will never forget the experience.

    Phil & Lynda James

  27. Donnaley and I are so sad about the loss, i have a great pic of her on my wall at home. I hope we can come back some time soon.

  28. Isn’t it enough to have the privilege to drive within the animal kingdom?

    Why is it that we must walk within it which put humans in danger but much too often animals pay the price for just acting normally means defending their habitat.

    It’s such a waste of life!

    I am so sad!

  29. Warren and Patrick,

    Elaine just entered two of her pictures of this magnificent animal in the Del Mar Photography exhibit. Both are on display as we speak. We felt so privileged to have been allowed to share Mangajan’s home and will never forget him or the experience. We are so saddened by this.

  30. Warren, Lisha, Morné & everybody at King’s Camp,

    we share your awful lost from the bottom of our hearts.

    This sad news shatter us and we completely agree with Irma’s thought.

    Everything might happen into the wild is because of human being interference. We are always on the animal’s side.

    Thank you to let us enjoy a sigh of the wonderful Mangajane last year and we will keep him forever in our hearts!

    Marinella & Federico from Italy

  31. This is very sad news and I share in your loss of such a beautiful creature!

    I was actually doing a search for and hoping that Marinella & Federico from Italy can please be in touch with me if at all possible? its an urgent request wrt something they witnessed in the wild in southern africa in 2009. my unofficial email address is Will be greatly appreciated, thank you. Kind regards, Juanita

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