The Machaton cubs introduce themselves to us!!

By Morné Hamlyn on May 17, 2009

This afternoon’s drive ended on a high note…

There are three healthy new cubs in the Machaton pride! They are an estimated 5-6 weeks old and ran the show on this afternoon’s game drive. These images are not great, but at least I managed to get in some shots to show you…
The cubs with a Timbavati male. By Morné HamlynCubs at play. By Morné Hamlyn
Machaton cub. By Morné Hamlyn
We also had an amazing sighting of Kuhanya being lazy in the shade…
Kuhanya. By Morné HamlynKuhanya. By Morné Hamlyn
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14 thoughts on “The Machaton cubs introduce themselves to us!!

  1. THIS WAS AMAZING!!!!! Wow they are SO sweet!!!. Thanks for an awesome sighting…..

    Ek Lief Jou!

  2. Hi Morné,

    The circle of life continues . . . thanks for sharing the news of Mangajan via FB and sending the invite to the "memory of". Such a tragic ending to an amazing animal. I am so sorry for your loss.

    Be well,


  3. How adorable those cubs are! This was very welcome after yesterday’s news about the male leopard. He was beautiful! Keep the photos coming. We want to come back someday.

  4. Oh how precious! I pray for their survival to adulthood. (Please…no crocs!) And the circle of life goes on…..:-)


  5. What gorgeous new life to make us smile after the tragedy of Mangajan. I echo the hope of their survival to adulthood.

    Take care Morné and Melissa, see you soon

  6. Thanks Morné for good photo’s and memories during this sad time.

    Keep up the good work.

    Regards and love to M&M

  7. Adoreable fury things!

    Also the Leopard pics are wonderful – can imagine that sighting was outstanding!

    Regarding the death of Makanjane: When humans enter animal kingdom on foot it’s always the animals who pay the price for reacting naturally. Just keep out on foot!

    It’s wonderful that we can watch them from a car. Why is it necessary that we trample within their homeland?

    It’s too sad!

  8. thats so awesome to see these cubs eventually – and even better to see a proud dad lying near them!!! looking forward to more shots of these guys as they grow up – keep us posted!

  9. re Irma’s comment…I’m just wondering…are fatal shots still necessary? Are there any reasonable alternatives on the market today…i.e..stun-guns, instant anaesthetics (much like darting) that can be used before an animal is withing 2meters of a potential victim…etc.

    Not that I know anything about these things….I’m just curious if any such research has been pursued by the Game Reserve industry. I guess I’m just so saddened…hence these thoughts.

  10. Hi Moira,

    We are all very sad and we are all asking questions… but the reality is that all the guides currently working within the idustry are well qualified people and to shoot an animal is the very last resort, and to be honest a very RARE occurence. None of us ever wish to be in such a situation to make that decision. Alternatives have been looked at but nothing else will actually stop any dangerous animal at close quarters. There is too much momentum and adrennalin involved and a brain shot is your ONLY chance to survive… I know it is not easy to understand, but I hope this clarifies the intensity of our jobs and the difficult decisions that rarely need to be made.

  11. Thanks Morné, for making me feel a little better about what had to be done. Also good to know that alternatives have been looked into.

    I very much appreciate your response.

    Stay well, and stay safe.

    Kindest regards.

  12. A high note is an understatement. These images are terrific, so I can just imagine seeing mother and cubs in person. The cubs look healthy and happy.Captivating images of Kuhanya, as well.

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