The Shobele pride hunting

By Patrick O’Brien on November 5, 2008

We had a wonderful sighting of the Shobele pride this morning.

After relocating the pride in the dry riverbed they soon settled on the bank to rest after a long successful night of hunting.

However things soon chanced when a small impala herd started to approach the

resting lions and in no time much to my surprise the youngest member of the pride set of in front of a game drive vehicle hunting. She soon started to stalk the impala herd and moved silently towards the antelope, her approach as stealth like as an assassin.

Mom on the other hand noticed her daughter‘s strong approach and decided to assist jnr in the hunt by moving around the impala to try and herd them towards the stalking lionesses direction.

Sadly though and expected the young lionesses (which is only 24 months old) inexperienced and hasty approach soon spoiled the hunting.

One would easily agree in such an event that failure was the end product of the hunt. But indeed it was no failure but success. Success because this little lioness just started her schooling and now will take her place in the pride.

Patrick O‘Brien head guide.
Yawning before the hunt. By Patrick O‘Brien Head Guide.
The stalk. By Patrick O‘Brien Head Guide.
Moving to get cover.By Patrick O‘Brien Head Guide.Image Title
Close to the vehicle. By Patrick O‘Brien Head Guide.
The charge. By Patrick O‘Brien Head Guide.

3 thoughts on “The Shobele pride hunting

  1. I concur with you Patrick, as people and animals learn more from their missteps than from their successes. It was great to see this special momemt.

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