The White pride returns

By Patrick O’Brien on June 9, 2011

The Kubasa pride has returned to our area of operation on Wednesday morning.

I manage to see them during the afternoon resting on an embankment of the Nharalumi River only to be chased by a herd of 30 odd elephants. The next morning they moved further west and manage to kill a young zebra.

The white lionesses have grown a lot during the last 4 months and the look impressive. I have taken a few images of them for you to enjoy.
White lion close up.
White lionses
The other white lioness

11 thoughts on “The White pride returns

  1. SO excited they are back and doing well. Can’t wait to HOPEFULLY see them June/July when we come back. Thanks so much Pat for this. Keep well, Vicky and Dave

  2. My word how they’ve grown since we saw them last August, what beauties, and so precious.

    Thanks for the pictures

    Love to all


  3. Thanks for the update. They are the screensaver on my ipad when they were 8 mo. old in May ’10. What beautiful girls they have grown up to be.

    Hope all is well with everyone in Camp.

  4. Thanks Patrick….those blue eyes are absolutely captivating! Great pics…glad they are back in your area.

    Stay well, stay safe.


  5. Patrick, please manage to get them to cooperate next time I come. I REALLLLLY wanted to see them.

  6. Well done Patrick! Thanks for the update and for posting on Facebook. What a fantastic treat for your guests that the pride moved into the area.



  7. Wow they are beauties! Thanks for the update and wonderful pictures – we look forward to visiting again in September and seeing the white pride in person!

    Best Regards, Karen & Jeff

  8. I am so thrilled to learn that these beauties are well and still in the Timbivati area. This means so much to many of us and to the Shaangan people who believe that they are special representatives to our world. It is especailly important to know that they were born free and wild. Yes, this is so very lekker!!!!

    Hugs to you and Albert, Joy

  9. Hi Patrick! You got some great photos of those adorable white lions! We were so thrilled to be able to see them in person, but our photos aren’t as nice as yours! We had sooo much fun and didn’t want to leave! Keep a look out for some cheetahs for me!

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