The White Pride vs. 20 Hyenas

By Patrick O’Brien on July 26, 2011

Like ghosts in the darkness they appeared out of nowhere.

The white pride is back and made a serious impression on all of us as they killed a massive buffalo bull along the Shobele River. This classic battle took place during the early hours of the morning and surprisingly one of the adult females is missing from the pride. It is assumed that she is mating with an unknown male from the north.

Nevertheless the remaining large and fearsome single adult lioness took on a bull buffalo. The rest of the pride assisted where they could. The kill was made and feeding lasted 3 days but not before their arch enemies made several attempts to steal the kill from the pride. This epic battle took place in front of us and it was certainly one of the best sightings I have ever seen. With an aggressive intent 20 Hyenas surrounded the pride and tried to intimidate the lions hoping to detect any sign of weakness.

Amazingly, after 72 hours of continuous aggression from the Hyenas it made no difference to the situation. By this evening the pride was ready to leave the kill and the Hyenas ready to feed of the scrap.

By Patrick O‘Brien Head Guide Kings Camp


Day one
A young white lioness
Day two.
Hyenas ready for an attack
A white lion chasing a Hyena

12 thoughts on “The White Pride vs. 20 Hyenas

  1. I’m hoping we get to see a kill this time – can’t wait for our next visit in September!

  2. Hi Pat,

    AWESOME! Lucky you… 🙂

    Wish I was there. 9 months to go… 😉



  3. Did you manage to get a video of the encounter? and is it available for viewing? Thanks heaps

  4. The white pride is truly formidable. It must have been so tense watching the conflict with the hyenas unfold. As ever, Patrick,amazing images!

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