The Wild Shots Outreach Programme

By Kings Camp Team on July 19, 2023
Empowering Youth Through Photography

Kings Camp Private Game Reserve takes immense pride in its partnership with Wild Shots Outreach, a programme that opens doors for students to embark on exhilarating game drives and develop their photographic skills.

This exceptional initiative primarily focuses on high school students from government schools and unemployed youth residing on the border of the Kruger National Park. Through photography, the Wild Shots Outreach programme aims to engage and inspire these young individuals, offering them new skills and a transformative connection with the natural world.

Capturing the Essence of Wildlife

Established in 2015, the Wild Shots Outreach endeavours to involve young people from disadvantaged communities in wildlife and the wonders of untamed landscapes through the art of photography. By prioritizing high school students from government schools and unemployed youth near Kruger National Park, the programme aims to bridge the gap between these communities and the thriving biodiversity that surrounds them. Through guided game drives led by experienced Kings Camp guides in the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve, the students are immersed in an environment teeming with wildlife, providing them with unparalleled opportunities to capture the essence of these majestic creatures through their camera lenses.

Fostering New Skills and Aspirations

At the heart of the Wild Shots Outreach programme lies the desire to equip young learners with new skills that will broaden their horizons and ignite their passion for conservation. Through hands-on photography workshops, the students are introduced to the intricacies of composition, lighting, and wildlife photography techniques. These invaluable skills not only enhance their ability to capture breathtaking images but also provide additional focus and direction in their lives.

By cultivating an understanding and appreciation for the natural world, Wild Shots Outreach inspires these learners to become the conservationists of tomorrow. They witness firsthand the crucial role they can play in safeguarding the environment and preserving the rich biodiversity of these natural spaces.

Kings Camp Private Game Reserve’s partnership with Wild Shots Outreach is a testament to their commitment to empower and inspire young individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds. By providing them with the means to explore the natural world through photography, this programme opens doors to new skills, aspirations, and a deep connection with wildlife. Through the Wild Shots Outreach initiative, Kings Camp and its dedicated guides nurture the conservationists of tomorrow, fostering a generation that will champion the preservation of our planet’s invaluable natural treasures.

All of the above photographs are from (or of) the budding photographers from the Wild Shots Outreach program. Find out more about this exceptional programme here:

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