“Timbavati Boys” brings a big buffalo down!!

By Morné Hamlyn on June 20, 2008

The three Timbavati pride brothers managed to kill a large Cape Buffalo bull on yesterday afternoon’s drive…

It took the three young male Lions close too one hour to kill the large beast!

We should have some good sightings over the next three days and will keep you updated on any developments.
Photography, Morné Hamlyn
Feeding time. Photography, Morné Hamlyn

Take care,

Morné Hamlyn

3 thoughts on ““Timbavati Boys” brings a big buffalo down!!

  1. We are the folks in the vehicle! This was an amazing experience. Morné and the rest of our family were on the opposite side taking with Morné taking the photo. A few minutes after this was taken a female lion snuck under rear of Morné’s vehicle and one of these "Boys" charged her. My grandson and two nephews were sitting in the back seat and didn’t see the female coming, they only saw the male charging and thought he was coming for them! We have the whole thing on video. Thanks Morné and Cynet for an amazing adventure.

    Kristin Volberg


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