Ranger Report: August 2017

By Kings Camp Team on September 13, 2017

I am happy to say that August and winter is something of the past. We – together with the animals – are looking forward to summer. May we be blessed with good rains this season and may the veld turn back into green, lush vegetation. After a few years of experiencing drought, the animals find it very hard to survive and in the bush, it is all about ‘survival of the fittest’.

game viewing in Timbavati

August was again a good month for Timbavati game viewing.

GREAT NEWS: Expert tracker, Albert Ubisi tracked and found Ntombi’s youngster with a brand new cub. After realising the cub was there, he left the den-area immediately in order not to disturb the youngster, as it was without its mother. The cub was only seen again at the beginning of September, looking fat and healthy.

The female leopard, Marula was also seen mating with a big male at the end of August and hope that we will see a litter in the months to come.

Kruger game viewing

Lion sightings were up and down, but the two sightings I personally enjoyed were as followed:

  1.  Members of the Western Pride from up north were seen basking in the sun one late afternoon and to our surprise the young male cub woke up and started playing around with his mother’s tail and provided us with an excellent “show”.
  2. We had two male lions in front of Kings Camp for the whole day at the end of the month. They stole a Blue-wildebeest kill from the Hercules pride and after they fed, they moved towards our camp. They spend the whole day and most of the night by our camp.

Timbavati game viewing

That next morning before heading out we enjoyed coffee together with delicious rusks (Italian Biscotti), when Anna pointed out five wild dogs running past the library from a distance. I told our guests to go to the vehicle and see if we can re-locate the dogs. We barely left camp and as we drove up to Honeymoon Suite, we were treated to a rare sighting: wild dogs busy ripping an impala apart. This was such an incredible sighting as it is so rare to see these animals feeding moments after the catch.

ranger report august 2017

There were many other amazing sightings, but above mentioned are my TOP news stories for August 2017. If I had to write about all the small and big animals, all the AMAZING sunrise and sunset moments, mouth-watering food at camp, I would be here all week!

Have a great day and ENJOY September at Kings Camp.



More sightings from August at Kings Camp:

Timbavati wildlife birdwatching Kruger Timbavati birdwatching Big 5 Kruger Timbavati lions

All image credits: Almero Klingenberg

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