Time well spent!

By Kings Camp Team on May 17, 2008

Its that time of the year? Bush Banquet 2008!!!

The time has come Ladies and Gentlemen, its time to prepare for Hoedspruit‘s annual Bush Banquet, and this year Adams and Eves we at Kings Camp will be boasting with our Garden of Eden for the very first time, and please feel free too eat from our forbidden fruit!
Time is running out and my light bulb is flickering to the thought of my very own "Saturday Night Live" taking place on the 6th of September!
Guests, and may I also say the lucky few, will have the opportunity to indulge in all that the Kings Camp Kitchen will conjure up!
Everything from building our own state of the art kitchen to wine paring with delicately flavoured food.
This is definitely a very first for me so please be patient with my eager updates of the comings and goings of this year‘s "MUST ATTEND" Bush Banquet!
Thinking of "firsts" brings back chapters of very fond memories? my first day I worked in this kitchen, the first time I met Himler? my first burnt cake, needless to say I‘m not really the Pastry-type chef!
This morning at our usual breakfast table, I couldn‘t help but wonder where this year has gone to, it still feels like I am recovering from Turkey Stuffing and Fruit Cake.
Everyday I tell myself to go on a game drive, needless to say it has become a 4-month daily routine! Seeing our ranger‘s posts on the blog does keep me updated, luckily!
It‘s astonishing how people come here to slow down and rest and be part of Africa, but to me the Seasons in Africa change overnight!
Time does fly, it‘s a scary truth to face when there is just so much left for all of us to do "time flies when you having fun, as much of a clich" as it is, I have to admit it‘s the truth.
The theme of the Bush Banquet this year is "THE CIRCLE OF LIFE" how ironic!
Time, it stands still for no one, even if you have come to take a break and relax at Kings Camp, sooner or later we all must return to what we call normal.
So when you visit us, stop and take the time to look at the touch-of-pink sky just before the beautiful sunset.
Watch the Leopard while he sleeps and look at the ebb and flow of its breathing before you grab your camera to take a perfect picture of him walking around.
Grab your fork and take a little bit of everything on your plate, taste the explosion of flavours and swallow it back with our Pinotage.

Mmm Perfect!
For all of us working at Kings, what we do might feel like a daily routine, but indirectly we invite you to our very own circle of life.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we (and when I say "we", I mean everyone at Kings Camp) might not have the power to freeze time, but this I know, we can give you time well spent.

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  1. Keep up the good work girl! Your style of writing is truly refreshing -convinced that same can be said of your cooking. A good peace of literature is at worst a sparkling ray of light in a darkening world sickened with decadence. You inspire!

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