Top 2018 Safari Travel Apps

By Kings Camp Team on January 25, 2018

It’s no secret that technology makes up a large part of our lives, and while part of being in the bush is putting down the iPad and taking the time to unplug, there are some handy apps that can enhance your safari experience. These are the five safari travel apps we’d recommend for your next trip to the bush.

Image Credit: Almero Klingenberg

Sasol eBirds of Southern Africa

This one’s for the avid birders who are tired of lugging around a heavy book. With the Sasol eBirds app you can have over 950 bird species in your back pocket! The app also has over 630 sound clips of bird calls, to aid in identifying those ones you can’t see. Spend less time paging through a hardcover book and more time identifying birds with the Smart Search functions, which allows you to search using size, colour, habitat and beak size.

Image Credit: Almero Klingenberg

iTrack Southern Africa

Give our guides a run for their money with the iTrack app, which helps you identify the tracks of over 50 mammals in Southern Africa. This handy app works offline so you don’t have to wait until you’re back at camp to use it!

Image Credit: Almero Klingenberg

Africa: Live

A very useful app for self drive safari, the Africa: Live app maps the location of wildlife across southern Africa, as documented in real time by users. This app is great for getting a better idea of which areas are more densely populated with game. Another great feature is that friends at home can follow your trip.

It’s important to be aware of the implication of location apps such as these, and to always remember to keep the location of endangered animals secret so that the information does not land in the wrong hands. Africa:Live makes sure to filter out any rhino locations that come through the app due to the poaching epidemic.

Image Credit: Almero Klingenberg


With current reviews from users all over the world, Tripadvisor is a useful way to find the best option to suit your needs and expectations, and have access to a multitude of first hand experiences. Make sure to spread the love and make sure to let others know about your experiences as well.

Image Credit: Almero Klingenberg

Star Walk

With the Star Walk app you’ll have extensive knowledge of all the constellations you can see, as well as some you can’t! The perfect addition to an evening spent stargazing around the campfire, all you have to do is point your phone at the sky and the constellations are mapped out and labelled for you.

Image Credit: Cathan Moore

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Image Credit: Almero Klingenberg x 5, Cathan Moore

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