Top South Africa ornithologist Joe Grosel trains guides at Kings Camp

By Patrick O’Brien on January 27, 2011

Recently I, together with the other guides at Kings Camp completed a 3 day raptor course held at the lodge…

As wildlife guides and trackers we are constantly looking at new opportunities to train and enhance our education of our natural environment. It is hard to find time to fit in any sort of training during our busy work schedule. Late last year we completed a course on scorpions and were enlightened by the new knowledge we gained on these amazing creatues.

To kick this year off, we completed a birding course in the second week of January. The course specialized in raptors. Raptors are also known as birds of prey and these included eagles, vultures owls and the smaller Accipiters such as Goshawks.

I must say that this was one of the best courses I have completed in my career. Joe Grosel is one of the top ornithologists in our country and it was amazing to listen to this man talk about raptors. I learnt a great deal about the smaller eagles in our area. In fact Joe told us that South Africa at this moment is host to the most diverse and abundant eagles in the world.

I took Joe to the southern part of our property on several occasions where we sighted an array of different eagles species. Some of these summer visitor eagles come as far as Russia to enjoy our summer in Southern Africa.

I would like to thank Warren GM of Kings camp and Charles Hardy for making this educational course possible. We as guides will be able to inform our future guests more in detail about these amazing predators of the sky.
Charles Hardy and the team
Left, Joe, Sam and Albert. Right, Patrick,Cynet and Elvis

9 thoughts on “Top South Africa ornithologist Joe Grosel trains guides at Kings Camp

  1. Hi Marry Anne. No, there is no problem with your computer. Our internet connection is on the go slow side today. Uploading the images was a problem. I have corrected the error. Thanks you for you interest. Regards


  2. Patrick, as you are an excellent "birder" already (we’ve had first hand experience) it must have been great to get such specialist training on the raptors. So envious!

    All the best and thanks for the e-mail

  3. Patrick,

    Although you already know more than most rangers, as a former educator, I truly believe that one must always have a refresher course.

    Continue your outstanding and informative game drives. Some day, I hope to return.

    Warm Regards to you and Albert,

    Dorothy Chang Van Horn

  4. Really enjoying watching your blog, recent posts and past have helped us prepare us for upcoming visit to the camp early March.

    Watching the news re Nelson Mandela here in Wales & hoping for his recovery.

    Look forward to meeting you all and viewing the wildlife and sharing a moment in time at Kings Camp.

    BW Helen

  5. This continuing education is so impressive and speaks so well of you all. Just confirms my opinion of the KC staff and management…the best and always ready to make the bushveld experience exceptional.

    Joy Cheers!

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