Tribute to Maganjane…

By Kings Camp Team on June 25, 2009

Like everybody else, I was very saddened to hear about the loss of Magenjane:(
I was lucky enough to have been at Kings at the beginning of last month, when Cynet and Albert did a great tracking job (well done lads) and we found this beautiful leopard after he had just killed an impala and taken it up a tree. To say he was exhausted was an understatement!

We were then treated to 2 days of stunning viewing as he fed on the carcass. I was so looking forward to seeing him again on a visit next year, but sadly it was not to be….I’m just so glad that I managed to see him in what were his final days, doing what he did best…

Martin Penrose, Ireland
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4 thoughts on “Tribute to Maganjane…

  1. Martin, your images are absolutely stunning! They are so incredibly rich in colour and just wonderful, especially considering some of them were taken at night. Thank you so much for sharing these images and for paying special tribute to this great guy…

  2. Cheers for the comments Brendon – much appreciated! He really was the highlight of my trip to SA and it’s such a bonus that he was in such great form during my stay.

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