Tumbela is my name

By Patrick O’Brien on November 9, 2010

Rockfig Jnr cub obtains her name.

She will be known as Tumbela. The origin of the name was obtained from the fact that this little jewel of a leopard that is 12 months old use to and still does makes use a game hide at one of the dams to rest in during the hot summer days. Tumbela means to hide in Tsonga.

We strongly believe that our resident leopards get traditional Tsonga names. Tsonga is the one of the 11 official languages we speak in South Africa.
Tumbela in a tree. by Patrick O'Brien
Tumbela resting. By Patrick O'Brien

By Patrick O‘Brien

6 thoughts on “Tumbela is my name

  1. Congratulations Tumbela on acquiring your own name!! It is such a pretty and appropriate name for you!

    I hope to meet you one day.

    Oh….Hi Patrick…and thank you…your love and appreciation for these animals really shines through.

    Stay well, stay safe.

    Kindest regards,


  2. Hi Patrick,

    Fabulous narrative and pictures…As Usual!

    I have a question…When I was at King’s Camp,July 2008, you took us out on a AM game drive and showed us a female leopardess and her cub. The leopardess’ name was M’bali and her six months old female cub was "Jr". What ever happened to them? Are the leopards we see these days any relationship? Just curious.

    Thanks for ALL the MEMORIES!!!

    Chris from California

  3. What a sweet girl she is. And how well we remember that Tumbela hid so well from us that Albert could not find her track in August, after we saw her the evening before. May she live long and prosper. Joy – Camarillo

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