Until one has loved an animal…

By Kings Camp Team on July 14, 2009

…a part of one‘s soul remains unawakened.? Anatole France 1844-1924

8 thoughts on “Until one has loved an animal…

  1. Sher, what a lovely video! Thanks for sharing it with us. It is incredibly provocative. I will try and find a way to embed it so it fits the weblog better.

  2. Sher, This is an outstanding video. Thanks for sharing and bringing back fond memories of our African trip earlier this year.


  3. Wow what a fantastic video and such stunning images, can’t wait to return to South Africa

    Dave and Vicky, Wirral and Vicky Reed, England

  4. Rachael, Roy and Ella wrote:

    We loved our trip to SA. Roy has fallen in love with Africa! How could he not especially when you look at the stunning photography on that video.

    Can’t wait to go back to our 2nd home with Mum and Dad (Dave & Vicky).

    Love To Warren, Lisha and children.

  5. If that doesn’t move your soul nothing will. What a fantastic piece of film. Thank you for sharing it with us.


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