Up A Tree

By Kings Camp Team on July 18, 2012

I was on a typically fantastic morning drive courtesy of Morné when we came across this civet who was literally stuck in a tree.

This poor chap decided to try and steal away with an impala carcass that the resident leopardess (Ntombi I believe) had stashed during the evening.

She returned with cub and was playing on the ground below the tree. The civet was trapped and none too happy about it!
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2 thoughts on “Up A Tree

  1. A face only a mother could love…actually very cute. As an aside, I hope the two wild cats at KC are doing well.

    Also glad to know that Ntombi is doing well. Hope to see her next year with new babies.

    Thanks for sharing, Todd. Wish I was there. Joy in Camarillo CA

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