Up and coming TV star in our midst!

By Kings Camp Team on January 19, 2011

At risk of embarrassing this humble man, I must share a most pleasant surprise that I just witnessed. Kings Camp’s very own Patrick O’Brien (along with Albert) were just on TV on the National Geographic Wild channel! The show is called “The Lion Ranger” with Kevin Richardson and a good part of this segment was dedicated to the white lions of the Timbavati and a great discussion between Patrick and Kevin in his rover as they watched the pride.

I was absolutely thrilled to stumble across this episode and watch the dialogue . . . well done Patrick!


Patrick, Kevin Richardson and Albert at Kings Camp

6 thoughts on “Up and coming TV star in our midst!

  1. When was this episode??? I hope there will be a repeat.

    Patrick, you and Albert rock. Your ears must have been burning, because yesterday I spoke of you to a friend who will be in KC in September. She so looks forward to meeting you and learning more about the bushveld from your vast store of knowledge.

    Hugs from us in Camarillo. Joy/Lon

  2. Hey Todd, thanks for sharing! I wonder if I can find it on the web – I’d love to see it! We always knew Patrick and Albert were spectacular; now the world knows! Patrick and Albert, you both DO rock!!


  3. Well done Patrick and Albert, and to you Todd, for a) spotting them, and b) posting about it on the blog!

    Gotta love this interactive world we live in… 😉

  4. Hi-Happy New Year to all.Have not seen that episode.Must research.Peter and Erica Gray.

  5. Happy new year everyone! If someone is able to locate the link for this episode, please post! I tried to find it but couldn’t. Would love to watch!

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