Update for the last few days…

By Morné Hamlyn on July 17, 2009

Sorry for being so quiet but here is an update on some happenings in the week…

Sightings of White Rhino’s has been good in the last few days and we have recorded 2 groups of 4 animals on traversing!
Fencing Rhino's. By Morné Hamlyn
The Machaton cubs are well and they were out feeding on a buffalo with the adults recently… They still like their milk though!
Machaton cubs. By Morné Hamlyn
The Schobele pride walks out of one tragedy to the next. They attempted stealing food from the Timbavati boys and sadly the sub-adult lioness got killed. This is a big blow to the pride as the number has droped to 5 from 7 in less than two months.
Schobele pride. By Morné Hamlyn
Ntombi spent some quality time around the camp and is always ready to entertain!
Ntombi. By Morné HamlynNtombi and Camp. By Morné Hamlyn
Ntombi. By Morné Hamlyn
Last but not least! A new young Leopard introduced herself to us. She is called Ixongile (Ishongile) and it means beautiful. At about 14 months she shows very typical Leopard behaviour by showing how opportunistic they can be…

She somehow managed to kill and eat both an adult and a juvenile African Fish eagle in the nest!
Ixongile eating a Fish Eagle. By Morné HamlynWhat a meal!! By Morné Hamlyn

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7 thoughts on “Update for the last few days…

  1. Lovely Photos!! Thanks for Sharing… Hope we get to see Ixongile more often.

    Ek Lief Jou BAIE!!

  2. Hi Morné,

    I hope all is well with you. Question; who was the other member of the Shobele pride to depart? How is the old male doing these days? Have Colbert/Cignet seen our magical "white" lion cub (ha, ha)?



  3. Excellent article Morné. Love the pics and explanations. A leapard in a fish eagle nest is a bizarre image for me… How could they not see or hear the leaopard climbing up to the nest… 😉

  4. did she eat one of the adult fish eagles as well??? didnt know that…cool shots of the sighting, better than mine!!!

  5. Thank you for sharing these game drives. The photos of the Machaton cubs are special. I cannot wait to see Ixongile in person. Hopefully I will have the opportunity. You captured an interesting interaction with Ixongile and the Fish Eagle nest.

  6. We are going to be visiting you guys at the end of August, our daughter is very excited….& can’t wait to meet the Timbavati animals as she knows the Sabi Sands ones well!!

    Thanks for the fantastic pics….


  7. 5 days in the Timbavati and literally a kill a day,how are we ever going to better that one.Brilliant sightings,we love the Timbavati!

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