Vegan Safaris at Kings Camp

By Kings Camp Team on July 8, 2021
Vegan guests – we have you covered!

The last year and a half has been very difficult for the hospitality industry globally.

Kings Camp is no exception to this. Just as we finished our major renovations and were ready to welcome guests again after being closed to upgrade, lockdown hit us – hard!

This saw major changes to the lodge as we were forced to close our doors for a period.

During this time, Assistant Manager, Hayley found herself with much more ‘’free time’’ than normal. Her typical duties at the lodge being a mixture of guest relations, human resources and admin.

Now, her days consisted of general upkeep of the lodge such as cleaning and gardening – the gardening was a definite favourite as she just enjoys being out in nature.

Also, in the lodge industry you typically don’t have weekends off, but Hayley found herself wondering what to do on Saturday & Sunday!

She decided to use this time to do some courses around a topic she is deeply passionate about – Veganism!

The first course she did took 12 weeks and by the end she qualified to receive certification as a vegan hospitality consultant. She is currently the only certified consultant in Africa and is part of a large global network of consultants who are all trained through

This course really enabled Hayley to understand each component of ensuring a lodge is fully vegan friendly and how to attract vegan guests.

Veganism is booming with a 700% increase over the last few years, yet it is still a fairly new concept in the hospitality industry, making it a unique and yet much needed service.

With many of Kings Camps guests being international, they are coming from countries that are at the forefront of this huge movement, although interest in veganism in South Africa is also at an all time high and during this period, we have had many local vegan guests visit us, all of whom said they will return!

Hayley didn’t just stop there with her education, over the last year she also completed the following vegan related courses:

– Vegan nutrition coaching

– Vegan Leadership Accelerator

– Vegan cooking

With all of her expertise on veganism, and her 22 years of experience working within the hospitality industry she is well positioned to propel Kings Camp to become a leader within this market.

Hayley’s ultimate goals are to give vegan guests the same experience that traditional guests would have, so think taste, variety, and importantly attention to detail.

Training the staff is a vital aspect of what she is trying to achieve and Hayley has trained every single department (well except for Maintenance!) So, everyone is on the same page their really understands their vegan customer.

All of those bad experiences that vegans have experienced when on holiday such as being served the wrong meal, being given a dessert with honey in, being offered the breadbasket with an egg wash on as well as having the staff look blanky at you when you explain your request are not a concern at Kings Camp.

Chef Gareth handles all the menus & ensures that the vegan guests have lots of delicious options, this includes room cookies, morning muffins & sundowner snacks.

The service goes well beyond the kitchen too as Hayley will even veganise your room so that there are no animal products in sight & all amenities are 100% vegan & cruelty free in both the room & the spa. Kings Camp even goes as far to make sure all cleaning chemicals are the same!

In addition to this there is an extensive wine list in place with all the vegan friendly wines labelled so you don’t need to spend time googling ‘’is this wine vegan’’ while you are sat around the fire.

This is also something that Grant Murphy, Kings Camps head guide is hugely passionate about.

His enthusiasm for conservation and veganism shows in how he explains the eco-system to our guests, and he can be booked out as your vegan safari guide on request as part of our vegan safaris.

There are some exciting projects ahead for Kings Camp too, as they move towards being more sustainable with plant-based meals being a big part of this.

If you are interested in finding out more about the vegan safaris at Kings Camp, then you can email Hayley directly on

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