Video of “The Confrontation” – 3 male lions versus 300 Cape Buffalo

By Kings Camp Team on December 1, 2009

On October 13, we had the most amazing experience at King’s Camp.

It was a confrontation between 3 male lions and 300 Cape Buffalo, who fought over a Buffalo calf for nearly an hour.

I did a video of it, and posted it on YouTube.

Please do take a look – it really was amazing…

(And, if you feel like it, I could use some more ratings, to please the YouTube gods …)

4 thoughts on “Video of “The Confrontation” – 3 male lions versus 300 Cape Buffalo

  1. Kent – great video and thanks for taking the time to share it with us. It definitely gets a rating from me… 😉

    You will noticed that I edited your post slightly by embedding the YouTube video into your article instead of just having the link which you provided.

    I hope you don’t mind this.

  2. Well this kill surly does outdo our experience in August 2007! Not a cape buffalo came to the rescue of the calf that was downed then…and it took quite a while before the lion completed the kill. What a sighting you had! This was a wonderful video, Kent. PS: was that Albert sitting in front? There were a few minutes that I thought your vehicle was going to be attacked 🙂

    Joy, Camarillo CA

  3. Hi Kent,Brilliant footage and you managed the sighting like a pro. well done. the footage as you say is a once in a life time experience. Lots of controlled action and close up, the adrenaline must have been awesome. Great commentary as well. WOW!!

  4. The Timbavati Boys are at it again. Thank you for sharing this amazing encounter. I felt the excitement of watching standoff unfold.I also marvelled at the strength and determination of the Cape Buffalo in caring for one of their own.

    This is A+.

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