Warning!!!!!! Dangerous Cats Playing

By Patrick O’Brien on April 23, 2008

The notorious Machattan pride was seen hunting

a large herd of 400 buffalo in the southern sector of Kings Camp this morning. As I arrived with my guests we saw part of the hunt in action. A large buffalo came huffing and wheezing past us as the pride continued to follow the buffalo herd.

The mature and courageous Machattan male just shows how competent he can be as he initiated an attack jumping on the back of a buffalo. Unfortunately the lionesses were not close to him to back him up in the attack and he was forced to give up.

We left the pride below the ridge planning the next attack whiles some members of the pride thought that playing was more important.

I am convinced that they would continue to follow the buffalo herd later tonight. We will have to return this afternoon to find out just what happened with the hunt
Playing Lions - by Patrick O'Brien
Playing Lions - by Patrick O'Brien

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