Wedding at Kings Camp

By Patrick O’Brien on May 11, 2009

Our first wedding of the year was held at Kings Camp on Saturday the 2nd of May.

Our team at the camp worked hard to make sure all was in order for the special day.

The wedding took place in the Nharalumi riverbed next to several big Jackal berry tress.

After the ceremony the couple had breakfast in privacy under the trees.

To our wedding couple, Deon and Lana. The staff at Kings Camp wishes congratulate you on this special occasion and we hope to see you next year celebrating your first year of marriage at the camp.

Best wishes from all of us at the camp.
By Patrick O‘Brien
Deon and Lana
Tristan and his set up.
The couple in the riverbed
Lana is given an Ndebele blanket by Deon and a token of support
Deon drinking beer from a traditional pot given to him by Lana

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