What to Expect for First Time Safari Goers

By Kings Camp Team on November 17, 2017

Nothing quite compares to your first safari. The early morning sightings with steaming hot chocolate and the flaming sunsets at the end of each day will be all it takes to spark your love affair with Africa. If you’re gearing up for your first trip, take a look at our guide on what to expect for first time safari goers.

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Be Prepared for Temperature Changes

The greater Kruger National Park area is known for its year-round sunshine, and first time safari goers are often well-equipped for the heat. What many don’t know is that the temperature can drop quite drastically in the early mornings and late evenings, even in the summer months, and this is generally when you’ll be out on the safari vehicles for your game drives. To be fully prepared, make sure to pack for both the heat and the potential cold.

Check Malaria Areas

Depending on where you are headed for your first safari, you might have to take malaria tablets as a precaution for your trip. The tablets usually have to be taken 3 weeks before you enter the malaria zone, so it’s important to find out this information early on in your planning stages. 

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Don’t Forget Sun Protection

The African sun can be relentless, especially for those coming from cooler climates. Make sure to pack sunglasses, sun hats and sun cream, as well as any clothing that will keep you cool and protected from the sun. For more on what to pack for your first safari, take a look at our blog.

Know your Seasons

While the weather is pleasant all year round, different seasons bring with them different highlights in the bush so it’s best to know what to expect. Winter falls between the months of April and September and the second half of this period is known to be the best time to spot wildlife, since the bush is dry and less dense. Summer falls between October and March and with the summer rains comes new life and spectacular greenery in the bushveld as well as higher chance of spotting newborn animals.

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What to Know when Travelling with Children

South Africa changed some of the rules and regulations around travelling with children in 2014 to assist in the fight against child trafficking, so make sure to take a look at the important information here to ensure you have all the right documentation.

First time safari memories from the team at Kings Camp

Kings Camp Field Guide Almero Klingenberg shared his most memorable safari experience and reflected on his earliest memories of being out in the bush.

One of my most memorable safari experiences was in the Klaserie back in the day when we went out on a drive one Sunday morning. We came across a buffalo herd (approximately 72) that were busy grazing and that was when we noticed an old individual whose hind leg was broken.

He was limping and struggled to keep up with the herd, when eventually 6 lionesses came out of nowhere, chased him and eventually managed to pull him down successfully. We thought it was over, until, to our surprise, the other buffalo came back, chased off the lions and the injured buffalo got up and disappeared into the bush. The lions went back and eventually killed the poor buffalo.

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Wildlife photography by Grant Murphy

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