White lion sighting at Kings Camp

By Patrick O’Brien on December 3, 2009

One of the most breath-taking sightings……

for any guide is to witness a white lion in the wild. This exceptionally rare sighting can only happen in one place in the world and that is in Timbavati Private Nature Reserve in South Africa.

I was privileged to see white lion cubs in the Timbavati about 4 years ago. However, both white cubs died due to a reason unknown to us.

Yesterday, myself and numerous guides from our neighbouring lodges were blessed to see two white lions cubs on Kings Camp’s property.

This sighting was called-in very early in the morning. I was very close and was the second vehicle to approach the sighting. The sighting was just incredible. The pride consists of 3 adult females and 4 cubs of approximately 8-9 months old. Two of the cubs are white and the other two as my tracker Albert would put it are just “plain”. Meaning they are the normal tawny colour.

The pride was feeding on giraffe they took down a few hours after the rain and should last them few more days. Hopefully the pride will stick around for next few days offering us more sightings. It might just become a more frequent sighting from now on at Kings Camp. Keep you posted!

Enjoy the images that I was so fortunate to capture.


By Patrick O‘Brien. Head Guide.
By Patrick O‘Brien. Head Guide.
By Patrick O‘Brien. Head Guide.
By Patrick O‘Brien. Head Guide.
By Patrick O‘Brien. Head Guide.

11 thoughts on “White lion sighting at Kings Camp

  1. Wow….that is fantastic.

    Pity it did not happen while we were there. My mom was lucky enough to see the White Lion cubs back in the 70’s when the strain 1st came out. She went up with Roy Bengis to dart the moms & dip the cubs as they has mange…Mia loves looking at the photo’s…

    Enjoy those very special & rare sightings. Hopefully they will stay in the area. Are they male or female?



  2. Hi Patrick,

    What fantastic luck. When we were with you in March you were hoping that one of the females that had disappeared to have her cubs might have passed on the white gene but I have seen their photos since and they turned out "plain". Let’s hope that these little ones get to grow up safely (and stick around in Timbavati at least until next August when we are returning to Kings Camp).

    Superb pictures as ever.

    All the best

    Phil & Lynda

  3. Oh Patrick…..How fabulous!!!

    Once again you amaze us with your wonderful photos. Hopefully they stay around until I can return. Be well.

    Chris from California

  4. what great pictures

    the people with are so lucky

    hope they keep well

    wish we had been so lucky but it was just as nice to see the plain ones when we where with you in oct


  5. Is that all you have to share? (kidding)

    Wow, what a treat! This sighting reminds me of a little joke we played on Cynet and Colbert with Morné. We took one of the books from the library and took photos of the white lion cub. We showed them the photos (as our own) claiming to have seen them during the sun-downer. We had them going crazy all evening!

    I hope these cubs are able to survive into adulthood and stay close to Kings for future viewing for you and your guests.



  6. Hi Patrick, WOW !!! One hears about them, and about how very rare they are…and now they are at Kings! You spoke about this when Sepp was asking back in February.

    Lets just hope and pray they survive.

    Now I really need to visit again !!

    In the meantime please keep those beautiful photos coming….much appreciated.

    Stay well, stay safe.


  7. Thats so amazing Pat! They look just stunning. Wish I could be there to see them!! and I hope they stick around few the next few days for you guys to enjoy them.

    Give Albert my best wishes.


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