Wild dogs kill impala in camp

By Patrick O’Brien on January 27, 2009

Wild dog sightings have been prolific in the Timbavati and especially around the lodge.

On Friday morning we found the resident pack of 17 dogs a mere 400 meters from the camps entrance. They had just killed a small impala and when we arrived at the sighting they were feeding on the last bits and pieces.

That same day during the afternoon drive we were informed by the camp staff on the radio that the pack had made return and were hunting very close to the camp.

On our arrival we were stunned to find the Wild dogs inside the camp next to my accommodation feeding on a small impala. The Wild dogs had crawled in under the fence to get into the camp. They then proceeded to the reception area were they were somehow stunned at the small sculpture of a Klipspringer that we have at the entrance of the camp. They could not understand why this animal (statue) did not run away from them.

This was truely a memorable moment!

By Patrick O‘Brien. Head guide.
Wild dog pups playing - Photography by Patrick O‘Brien
Wild dog and Colbert - Photography by Patrick O'Brien
Wild dog in the camp reception - Photography by Patrick O'Brien
Wild dog and the Statue - Photography by Patrick O'Brien
Wild dog and the statue - Photography by Patrick O'Brien

8 thoughts on “Wild dogs kill impala in camp

  1. Wow! The photo of the dogs stretching up to the statue is amazing! Absolutely fantastic shot, Patrick. How exciting to have seen them so close to camp!!

  2. Hi Kathy.

    Glad to see you are online. It is hot and dry here in the bush. I just finished my drive 2 hours ago. It was a bit quiet but it manage to pick up at the end. We found the Rockfig leopardess a pride of lions and a rhino bull.

    How are you?

    Anyway chance of coming to SA this year or next year.

    Chat soon


    Ps thanks for all you post.

  3. Those pix of the dogs next to the statue are priceless! Another shot for the new King Camp brochure, no doubt!



  4. Amazing animals! Great pics, Patrick..Don’t ya just wonder what was going on in their minds during their encounter with your Klipspringer?

    Joy K, Camarillo, CA

  5. Hi Patrick,

    Sooooo good to see you back on the blog. Have missed you and your fabulous photos!!! You keep tantalizing me wlth pictures of the wild dogs.They are the one African predator I have yet to see and photograph. Hopefully I can return to Kings in a couple of years. Until then,keep the pictures coming, and stay well.

    Chris from California

  6. You truly captured special and memorable images Patrick. It is hard to imagine these predators right in the camp…really extraordinary.

  7. those images of the dogs in camp are awesome patrick, what a great sighting!

    its been fantastic having them around over the last few weeks, and hopefully they continue to spoil us!

    cheer pat


  8. Beautiful pictures as always!! With all the activity going around at camp, lions fighting, impalas and wild dogs, soon you guys won’t even have to use the jeeps!!! Hope all are well!


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