Wilddog sighting of a lifetime

By Patrick O’Brien on March 13, 2008

Yes it is true, a sighting of a lifetime that involved a herd of 30 plus elephants and a pack of 8 Wilddogs.

The pack of Wilddogs was sleeping at a pan south of the camp during a very hot and dry summer‘s day. It was then when a herd of 30 plus elephants arrived and took control of the pan much to the dismay of the Wilddogs. Ranger André was caught in the challenge between the Wilddog and the herd of Elephant.

In the fist image one can seen the dogs moving away from the vehicle and in the second image the Matriarch standing her ground against the pack of dogs.

Although I would be impossible for the dogs to pose any threat to the elephants they did not take any chance with this predator.
Wilddogs chased by elephants by Patrick O'Brien
Elephants taking control by Patrick O'Brien
By Patrick O‘Brien head guide.

One thought on “Wilddog sighting of a lifetime

  1. Andre – what an amazing experience to have that happen at such close proximity. Wild dogs and elephants just amazing wish we could have been there to experience. We will be back there at some stage as we just loved it and it looks as if the February March period is the time to come.

    Kind regards Heather and Steve Beswick

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