Wildlife report for May 2011

By Morné Hamlyn on June 1, 2011

May served us with amazing sightings…

WOW! I‘ve never seen the Timbavati this green at this time of the year in over 10 years.

Our last rain came very late this year and we still had warmer temperatures throughout the month until it suddenly cooled down towards the end.
Southern giraffeLilac-breasted roller
Saddle-billed storkOstriches
Sightings in general were great and because of the good “veldt” (grazing) condition we still have numerous “plains” game around. Masses of Giraffe, Zebra, Kudu, Waterbuck, Wildebeest, stunning birds and even Ostriches were common sightings in May. We also had various excellent Hyena sightings from different clans in the area.
SpottyPart of a clan

Ntombi and her boy (now 14 months old) were seen quite often throughout the month on a number of large Impala kills. The young fellow is now quite used to the vehicles and sightings of him are a pleasant treat.
NtombiNtombi hiding from ellies
The boy with a kill
It looks like the paths between Rockfig jr. and Tumbela have now parted for good! Tumbela was seen exploring unfamiliar terrain a few times and this is a good indication that Rockfig jr. is putting pressure on her daughter to find new ground to settle in.
Rockfig jr.
Rockfig jr. mated with an unknown male in February and there is a good chance that she is ready to have her new cubs pretty soon, if she hasn‘t already! We haven‘t seen much of her in the month, but we will give you proper updates as soon as we know more.

The young Xinope-nope made a few welcome appearances during May! There were some good interactions between him and a Hyena and he recently killed a big male Impala. He hoisted the carcass into a big Marula tree and this of course made for amazing sightings for nearly 2 days. He is bulking up very quickly now, and we really hope that he could become dominant in the Southern section in the next year to come.
Xinope-nopeLazy cat

The Machaton pride and the 2 Timbavati Boys made up the bulk of our sightings during May.
Super kingTimbavati Boy
Machatons on drive
The smaller cubs (now just over 3 months old) have recently started walking further with the pride. Distance is still limited and we were blessed with great activity on our property and our neighbours….
RestingDrinking milk
Various kills were made and we witnessed some awesome interactions between pride members. Recently the pride and the 2 males were very focussed on a large herd of Cape Buffalo and have been following them with intent, but thus far without success.
Kudu killStalking buff
We also saw a new pride twice during the month. They are very skittish however and move away from vehicles as soon as sighted.

Masses of Elephants and Buffalo were scattered through out our whole traversing during the month.

Elephants appeared in numbers from mid May and it was common to see 3-4 herds on a single drive. They congregated around the larger dams and one could easily count between 60-120 animals around the water.
Musth bullAt camp
Cape Buffalo seemed to be more numerous than Impalas (LOL) and 3-5 herds were called in on loads of drives out.
Big bullBreeding herd

Sightings were frequent and we managed on a few occasions to see two main groups.
Crash of rhino
One group is from the South and we saw them with Mtenge-tenge a few times. Up North we had some good sightings of the Nhlangula male and another group of 4.


A pack of 7 dogs showed up and now spends a fair amount of time on our traversing. The alpha female seems heavily pregnant and we are praying that they make up a den in our area for some good future viewing. We‘ll keep you updated on any progress.
Dogs with kill


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That‘s all for now!

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Kind regards,

Morné- and the Kings Camp guiding team.
Photography and Video clips by, Morné Hamlyn.
Report written by, Morné Hamlyn.

22 thoughts on “Wildlife report for May 2011

  1. Thanks Morné . . . great video clips! I especially enjoyed the lion cubs feeding. It looked like the leopard had a small wound on her back/hind left leg. Anything serious?



  2. Great Video Morné. Keep up the good work.The photos of the Ostrich, one looks white and the other brown, is that so or am I seeing things

  3. Thanks Morné….fantastic report…great stills and video…the baby ellie under her mom is just too cute!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Stay well, stay safe.


  4. Great pics and clips!! Wonderful to see how green it is compared to March!!

    Miss you all, please send big hugs to Maggy and Johannes!!

  5. Nice!! Hope the the month of July and especially the first week will be just as exciting…..haha

  6. Morné, I don’t know how you fit all this work in along with everything else you do but it really is appreciated. Thank you, simply wonderful pictures and video clips.

    All the very best to all at K C


  7. Morné, Just awesome you rock. Your video footage makes me feel like we are back at your very special part of the world. The wild dogs just so special as were the leopard, lion and elephants thanks kind regards heather and steve beswick

  8. As usual we enjoy the reports from K.C.Great to see the lion cubs which were newly born when we were last with you.Keep up the great work Morné hope to see you all ‘ere long!

    Can’t wait to be back.

  9. I am here in San Jose celebrating my one-year safari anniversary of May 2010. What a treat to see your videos. The memory is quite alive of the wonderful extended moments watching animals. I am quite jealous of the lilac breasted roller sighting. Our birds had mostly migratedlast May. Only saw the lilac throated roller of two colors. Can someone elaborate next time about the white lion pride? What has happened to them

  10. I always look forward to your reports. The pictures and videos are amazing. Makes me want to be there RIGHT NOW

    I relive when I was there.


  11. Morné, The report is nothing short of absolutely stunning! Fab report, piccies and clips. Makes KC seem closer to Camarillo! Miss ya all!


  12. Morné; Your report was very fun to read, as always. We are so happy to hear that Tumbela is grown up and well. We have pictures of her brother and her when they were young and waiting for their mom to return from hunting. All of your photos and the video clips are wonderful. Thank you!

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