Rhino Chipping Experience

As a Kings Camp guest you are invited to participate in this unique experience.

In an effort to assist with the rhino poaching epidemic, the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve is darting and micro chipping their rhino population.

From locating and darting the Rhino, to assisting with tasks such as pouring water over the Rhino and checking its temperature, you will be included in the entire operation. The vet will explain the whole process during this time and give you an opportunity to take up close and personal photographs with this magnificent endangered animal.

We are fighting an ongoing battle and the darting of the rhinos (implanting micro-chips in the horn, ear notching and collecting data on the Rhino), is a part of ongoing efforts to build a national DNA database of all South Africa’s rhinos.

It’s all about gathering enough information about each creature to potentially build watertight criminal cases against criminals, should these animals be targeted. Any horns recovered by police in future would then be analyzed by forensic laboratories, and then matched against the growing national database.

This is not an income producing project for the Reserve, but a genuine conservation project where the Reserve endeavours to give back to nature by chipping as many Rhinos as possible.

Your involvement in this anti-poaching drive will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
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This activity needs to be booked and planned in advance, and is subject to availability.
The Rhino Chipping Experiences take place in the cooler months – between May and September.

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