Timbavati Weather Guide: Best Time to Visit

By Kings Camp Team on May 10, 2023

Covering over 60,000 hectares of diverse and breath-taking landscape, the Timbavati Game Reserve is veritable Noah’s Ark protecting some of Africa’s most iconic species. Home to healthy elephant populations, resident lion, leopard, buffalo and even endangered rhino, the Timbavati is a destination where you can see all of the Big 5 as well as numerous other animals that might appear on your check list.

Take a look at our Timbavati weather guide for an idea of what to expect when planning your next trip.

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The climate of the Greater Kruger

The Greater Kruger Area has a subtropical climate with two main seasons. Summer falls between October and April and the winter months between May and September.

A trip to this exquisite corner of the world promises a plethora of natural beauty all year round. A safari during the summer months will ensure lush views and excellent bird watching, while the winter months offer great game viewing opportunities and milder daytime temperatures.

Leopards in Timbavati

May to September
Winter | Low Season

The period between May and September makes up the dry, winter months in the Timbavati. Offering clear skies and cool temperatures, this time of year is the best for game viewing in the area.

The Greater Kruger Area experiences summer rains, so the lack of water during this time, results in wildlife congregating around waterholes, increasing your chances of spotting a wide variety of incredible animals. Game becomes more concentrated the scarcer the water becomes, and for this reason, September is the best month for game viewing in the Timbavati.

Temperatures can drop below 10 °C in the early mornings and evenings from June to August, so it’s important to pack warm clothes accordingly (you can see our full pack list here).

The spectacular morning and evening light also makes for incredible photography opportunities and atmospheric game drives.

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Timbavati weather guide
Best Time to Visit Timbavati

October to April
Summer | High Season

The Timbavati sees between 450 and 550 mm of rain per year, with the majority of it falling during the summer months, between October and April. After a long dry season, when the fresh summer rain starts to fall in October and November, it immediately brings new life to the parched landscape. Flourishing foliage makes for stunning views, and the rain becomes a welcome respite from the sweltering afternoon sun.

The temperatures rise significantly between December and February, so make sure you’re prepared with the appropriate sun protection. Temperatures can reach 38 °C from January to March. While summer brings new life with a number of animals giving birth at this time, game viewing does become more difficult as a result of the dense and thriving vegetation.

Kings Camp Weather Guide
Best time to visit Timbavati
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