Waterbuck Private Camp

By Kings Camp Team on February 16, 2012

Being a guest at Waterbuck is an experience beyond ANYONE’s wildest imagination.

The thrills are countless. From seeing eight giraffe graze in a vast grassy plain while being served breakfast outside under the shade of beautiful trees to delicious 5-star meals served with elegant presentations. After our first game drive, I returned to a drawn steaming hot bubble bath with candles and flower petals artfully positioned around the rim of a high back claw-foot tub. I truly felt privileged having the staff anticipate our needs and treat us like royalty! Truly an over-the-top house staff! I must also mention the simple elegance of the house. It is so tastefully decorated with plush comfort in mind.

As if that wasn’t enough – I must also mention that our guide, Colbert and tracker, Sonny Boy are outstanding. I have seen four of the five big-five animals with only the elusive lion to find. We have two drives remaining and I think they are as determined as we are to find the lion. I can tell you unequivocally that if we don’t find the Pride of Lion … it isn’t going to be for lack of effort. This morning they left the jeep, appropriately armed, to follow some tracks deeper into the bush. When they returned – they said the paw prints were that of a large male leopard instead of a female lioness. Not to fear, Colbert says, we will keep looking. He has positioned us so close to the animals that I have been able to take unbelievable photos.

The combination of outstanding safaris, accommodations and high quality staff makes my Waterbuck at Kings Camp experience one that I will never forget. Thank you Warren and Alisha – from the bottom of my heart!

6 thoughts on “Waterbuck Private Camp

  1. My first Africa experience in 2008 was also King’s Camp and I also felt like royalty.

    The staff was great and the lodge was outstanding

    I still look at the pictures and long for the day to return.

    Thanks for the memories

  2. We were at Kings Camp back in August and echo both sets of sentiments. Amazing place, great staff and treated like royalty. I too will forever look back at the photos with fond memories and hope to go back too

  3. How true! A fabulous location to see the big5…with absolutely wonderful, dedicated staff! This blog is a testament to the lasting impression our visit/s to KingsCamp has left on each of us.

    Good memories live on forever…thanks to all at KingsCamp!



  4. Wishing the rest of your holiday at Waterbuck and King’s Camp is special and memorable. Timbavati is truly a magical place.

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