Our Underground Hide

The Kings Warren

For the very best vantage point to observe wildlife in their natural habitat, look no further than Kings Camp’s underground hide.

Named ‘The Kings Warren’ in honour of our General Manager of 28 years, Warren Moore and with reference to a burrow-like entrance tunnel, the underground hide is situated on the edge of the lodge’s waterhole. Designed with the needs of serious photographers in mind, the hide’s most remarkable feature is its viewing windows. Each can be fully opened to maximize views of the wildlife visiting the waterhole. The windows are fitted with specially imported one-way photographic glass, so you can take stunning pictures or observe the animals without disturbing them. The Kings Warren offers comfortable seating for up to 10 people, who want to take their wildlife viewing experience to the next level.


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The Hide’s Location

Immerse Yourself in the Beauty of Nature

A short walk from the thatched lounge at Main Camp, you will descend a tunnel (not unlike a rabbit’s burrow) and emerge into a subterranean atmosphere of pure luxury. From your plush seat, peer out at eye-level with the waterhole and drink in the otherworldly silence and tranquillity. From here you enjoy a concealed position from which to watch the waterhole which acts as a magnet for wildlife, especially in the dry winter months.

The Kings Warren is undeniably the epitome of luxury game viewing hides in Africa. Features include power points for charging devices, a refreshment station and two cameras streamed to flat-screen TVs to warn photographers of wildlife approaching. Whether you’re an avid bird watcher or a passionate wildlife photographer, this hide offers unparalleled comfort and all the luxuries you need to patiently await those incredible wildlife encounters. The hide will likely be most active during the dry winter months when wildlife frequents the waterhole. The peak times to witness these captivating scenes are from July to October.