Timbavati Wildlife Checklist

Adjoining the famous Kruger National Park which covers an area of 2.2 million hectares, the Timbavati Nature Reserve shares much of the incredible biodiversity that Kruger is known for. This unspoilt corner of Kruger, the Timbavati is home to an astonishing 500 bird species and nearly 150 mammal species. The Big 5 are just the start of the wildlife found in the Timbavati.

Take a look at our Animal Checklist below to see the incredible diversity of wildlife in the reserve. Facing an open savannah overlooking a waterhole, Kings Camp is perfectly positioned for guests to enjoy a wide variety of wildlife and birdlife both day and night.

Big 5 in the Timbavati

The Timbavati is known for consistent sightings of all of the Big 5 – lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino. Seeing the Big 5 within the Kruger National Park animals is significant, as it was in the region where the concept of the dangerous ‘Big 5’ was reimagined as a photographic safari term.

The Big 5 is a bucket-list item for most visitors on safari in Africa. In the Timbavati there is a good possibility of seeing the Big 5, as game can come and go as it pleases through unfenced boundaries. Limited visitor numbers in the Timbavati gives you excellent game viewing in an uncrowded area.

Other game viewing in the Timbavati

Game viewing in the Timbavati goes way beyond the Big 5. Today, there are nearly 150 mammal species, over 500 recorded bird species and a whopping 330 tree species in the region.

A highlight for many visitors is seeing African wild dog. Second only to the Ethiopian wolf, the wild dog is Africa’s most endangered predator. The lack of fences has allowed these nomadic dogs to flourish in the Timbavati and you will see the excitement on your guide’s face when there is news of a wild dog sighting.

Other game viewing highlights in Timbavati include cheetah, black-backed jackal, hyena, hippo, kudu, nyala, zebra, giraffe, warthog and many more.

Kings Camp Wildlife Sightings App
Record all your sightings with our brand new wildlife checklist app, downloadable for FREE from the Google Play Store. A comprehensive list of all the mammals, birds, trees, amphibians and reptiles you have the opportunity to spot and discover while on safari with us. The app will also be available on Apple Store soon, so keep an eye on our social media channels.

Conservation & Wildlife Management in the Timbavati
Since the lodge was established in the mid 90s, Kings Camp has been committed to practices that benefit both the local community and environmental conservation. The Timbavati Private Nature Reserve’s 54 300 hectares is a large wildlife area, with over 60km of game fencing, 120km of firebreak roads and an ecological division monitoring Kruger National Park animal populations and veld conditions as well as an anti-poaching team.

The Timbavati Conservation Fund is used to maintain the reserve and finance an important community outreach project – The Timbavati Foundation – actively promoting environmental education and sustainable development in local communities . You can find out more here.

Fantastic wildlife, coupled with a temperate climate, easy access from Johannesburg and some of the best safari lodges in the region makes it easy to understand why first timers and seasoned safari-goers return year after year to the Timbavati. Find our current specials here or get in touch with our friendly reservations team to enquire about your safari.

We look forward to welcoming you to Kings Camp.

Image credits:
Neil Coetzer
Cathan Moore