Updates from Kings Warren Wildlife Hide

By Kings Camp Team on February 9, 2024

Seeking the ultimate vantage point for observing wildlife in their natural habitat? Kings Camp’s innovative underground hide offers an unparalleled game viewing experience.

Named ‘The Kings Warren’ in tribute to our esteemed General Manager of 28 years, Warren Moore, and inspired by a burrow-like entrance tunnel, the underground hide is strategically positioned on the periphery of the lodge’s waterhole.

Tailored to cater to the requirements of avid photographers, the hide’s standout feature lies in its viewing windows. These windows are meticulously designed to be fully adjustable, allowing for optimal wildlife observation at the waterhole. Moreover, they are equipped with specially imported one-way photographic glass, enabling guests to capture breathtaking images or quietly observe the animals without causing any disruption to their natural behaviour.

Take a look at some of the latest sightings captured from The Hide.

Above, one of our most popular waterhole visitors, an elephant enjoys a weekend shower at the waterhole. Below, two kudus having a peaceful drink.

A highly opportunistic predator equipped with powerful talons, over half of a Verreaux’s Eagle Owl’s known diet is composed of mammals, with birds and insects hunted as well. They are nocturnal birds and roost by day in trees. These avian apex predators mainly hunt by gliding down on their prey from a perch. However, hunting on the wing has been recorded, even of flying insects. The wing size of eagle-owls in general limits their flying speed and abilities in the open and so they require perches to execute most of their hunting.

A couple of hyenas were spotted quenching their thirst with a late night drink at the waterhole. Another nocturnal creature that is most often spotted on the move from early evening until just after dawn. This clan is likely having a drink after a night of hunting.

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