Vutomi: The Elephant With 3 Legs

By Kings Camp Team on August 25, 2022

The very definition of resilience, Vutomi is a three-legged elephant cow residing in the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve. Recently, this determined animal was spotted moving along with her herd, as if unencumbered.

She supposedly lost her leg many years ago, but has remarkably managed to adapt to her handicap and live what constitutes a normal elephant life. The cause of Vutomi’s injury is unfortunately unknown, however, it’s safe to assume that it was the result of a snare, gin trap or landmine.

Her story is not one of sorrow and remorse, but rather strength. It is a story of defying the odds and living life to the fullest. This remarkable elephant cow has learnt to not only live with her amputation, but to thrive with it.

Elephant Conservation in the Timbavati

The Elephants Alive programme, which forms part of ‘Save the Elephants’ in South Africa, conducts some of their research in Timbavati Private Nature Reserve. The project is based on precise scientific studies, which forms the basis for effective wildlife management. Their mission is to ensure the survival of elephants and their habitats, and to promote the harmonious co-existence of elephants and people. Over the last decade, in the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Area, a number of male and female elephants have been fitted with satellite tracking devices that allow the team to track and follow their movements through the bush. Analysing their social behaviour and whereabouts helps to estimate population size, limit human-elephant conflict and understand general trends.

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Image Credits: 
Cathan Moore (Pictures of Vutomi)
Chad Cocking (Picture of Suite)

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