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Happy Hour: Kings Camp Style

Happy Hour: Kings Camp Style

‘On safari, we have happy hour on every day that ends in ‘y’.‘

After all, what could be better than ‘cheersing’ the end of another day in the bush with your favourite cocktail in hand? Whether it’s at the bar at Kings or at a scenic sundowner spot mid-game drive – guaranteed we’ll have your drink of choice and frosted glasses at the ready.

Grab a drink, and let us walk you through some of the happy hour highlights you can look forward to during your stay.
The timeless tradition of the ‘sundowner’

Sundowners are one of those enduring safari traditions and one of the greatest pleasures of a holiday in Africa. Rooted in colonial times, the drink of choice at the end of the day was a gin and tonic, thanks to the quinine in it – which was well-known as a malaria treatment at the time. Quinine was taken in the evening to pre-empt the mosquitoes they knew would come out after sunset.

To make the quinine more palatable, early pioneers mixed it with gin – a standard-issue Gordons Gin that came in their ration packs, along with lime juice. Over time, the lime juice evolved into tonic water and thus, the gin and tonic was born.

‘Happy all the way from my head to mojitos.’

Luckily, malaria is of lesser concern for travellers nowadays and though tonic still contains the smallest trace of quinine, the drink has remained a traditional safari staple. The barmen at Kings Camp make the most delicious G&Ts with gins made locally and from around the world if you wish to stick with tradition.
Happy Hour at Kings Camp Bar

Forego the afternoon game drive and sip on an ice-cold cocktail in the open-plan informal lounge and bar – the perfect spot for seeing out the heat of the day. Our expert barmen are on hand to craft a classic G&T or your favourite tipple of choice.

Settle into a leather chesterfield to enjoy your drink or climb to the top of our thatched viewing deck over-looking the waterhole to watch for wildlife wandering by.

Alternatively, our swimming pool, positioned just metres away from the waterhole, is a wonderful respite from the warm temperatures for which the Greater Kruger National Park is known.
Sundowners in the bush

Having a sundowner in the bush is arguably one of life’s greatest pleasures and no one does it in classic safari style quite like the team at Kings Camp. Mid afternoon game drive, in a scenic spot overlooking the Timbavati no doubt, hop off the game viewing vehicle to stretch your legs as twilight descends.

Over snacks and an ice cold drink, we like to follow the age-old safari tradition and slow down to salute the end of another day in Africa as the sky turns from orange to crimson and violet. In contrast to the fast pace of modern life, the sundowner is our favourite excuse to stop, take in the stillness of the bush and marvel at the beauty of nature.

Once darkness descends, enjoy the drive back to camp on the lookout for nocturnal creatures which start to emerge before a shower and dinner back at camp.


When enjoyed responsibly, a few drinks on safari provide a wonderful way to unwind and embrace the surrounding natural beauty. For us, toasting the end of the day celebrates being in the moment with loved ones. We look forward to creating a safari holiday that will leave lasting memories for years to come.

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Game Walk Wonders

Getting to Kings Camp

There are a number of ways to arrive at your next Timbavati safari. Whether you’re looking to drive to the Timbavati, fly in to the charming Hoedspruit Airport, or charter your own private plane, we’ve outlined a small guide for getting to Kings Camp. Take a look at the best options for getting to Kings Camp below. Continue reading “Getting to Kings Camp”

Timbavati Safari Packing List

Gearing up for your next, or first, Timbavati safari? Packing for safari can be tricky, and in the excitement of the moment the most obvious items can be forgotten. One way to ensure your experience of a lifetime runs smoothly is to make sure you’re well prepared for the ever-changing African bush. To help ensure you’ve got everything you need, we’ve highlighted a few essentials to add to your safari packing list.

Timbavati Safari

Light, comfortable clothing

With temperatures reaching 40°C in the warmer months, light clothing is essential. Thin fabrics and loose-fitting garments are great for keeping your body cool and the sun off your skin.

Warm jacket, scarf and gloves

Setting out on a crisp, early morning game drive with the sun rising over the Timbavati veld, you can’t help but feel invigorated. One way to ensure that invigorated feeling doesn’t turn into a shiver is to make sure you pack appropriately. The winter months between April and September are known to be cold in the mornings and evenings, and quite warm during the day. Since the weather can change so drastically, layering is the best method to ensure you’ve covered all bases. Pack a thick jackets that can be discarded once the sun has risen. For more on what to expect climate-wise at Kings Camp, take a look at our Timbavati Weather Guide.

Safari timbavati

Sun protection

An essential on any safari packing list, sun protection is an item many people forget. The African sun can be fierce, and is often a lot stronger than expected. A sunscreen of factor 50+ is recommended, as well as a wide brimmed hat and UV protected sunglasses.


Many moments on your Timbavati safari will be difficult to forget, and being able to bring those memories home to share with friends and family make them even more special. Amateur and professional photographers alike get lost behind their lenses when exploring the diverse and exquisite natural beauty of the bush. Don’t forget to pack your charger and an extra memory card – you’ll be taking more photos than you expect!

Timbavati packlist


Whether you’re a keen birder or not, having a pair of binoculars is a helpful addition to your safari kit. Get them out on a game drive and get a closer look at that lion lying across the riverbed.

Insect repellent

While the Kruger National Park area is not a high-risk malaria region, mosquitos are known to visit guests in the evenings. A good bug repellent can keep these pesky insects at bay. All rooms at Kings Camp are fitted with mosquito nets, and all game drives offer repellent to guests, but if you’re travelling to other destinations it’s recommended to bring your own to be on the safe side.

packing for safari

The guides and trackers at Kings Camp and their expert knowledge of the fauna and flora are the perfect accent to any safari. Learn about the intricacies of the African bush first hand, and create memories that will last long after your Timbavati safari is over. For more information, or to book your Kruger Park safari at Kings Camp, contact us today.





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Top Tips for Tipping on Safari

Your South Africa Gratuity Guide
Like anything to do with money, perspectives on tipping are shaped by many factors including your experiences and where you come from. We’ve put together some helpful tips to help you navigate gratuity while on holiday in South Africa.

Guidelines for tipping in South Africa
South Africa is a country where tipping is the social norm. The general rule is to start at 10%. – however, you are not obliged to tip if you are unhappy with the service you receive.

Tipping in restaurants in South Africa
Most restaurants in South Africa do not add a service charge to bills – but double check especially if you are a large group. We would recommend leaving a 10-20% tip, depending on how good your experience is.

Car guards and petrol attendants
For first-timers to South Africa, car guards may be a novel surprise for you. Car guards are self-appointed, informal people who usually wear a reflective vest and help people navigate parking. A R5 to R20 tip is the norm if you are driving your own vehicle while in South Africa.

Petrol attendants are another uniquely South African. Service station staff will fill your car with petrol, offer to clean your windscreen and check your oil and water.

Parking and petrol station attendants can be given whatever small change you have available – R5 to R20 is customary. This is always appreciated by service station staff, even though it may seem a small amount.

Tipping at Kings Camp
Tipping at Kings Camp is never something that is expected, but is always greatly appreciated by our staff. Firstly, tips are much appreciated but totally discretionary.

Our guideline that we give when asked is as follows:

You can tip in any currency. If it is dollars we can just exchange locally, you can also tip with a credit card if you don’t want to have cash on you.

The amount that you tip goes directly into the staff’s accounts and there are no deductions at all.
We have a general staff ”pool” which includes all staff members, the ones you will meet, such as the front office and service staff but also the ones ”behind the scenes” like chefs and people who make the gardens look pretty.

There really isn’t a guideline amount for this and it is just whatever you can afford. This amount is shared equally between all of the staff members.

Your guide and tracker you may tip separately as they are not included in the ‘pool’. We don’t have any formal guidelines but to give you an average amount it would be around R250-300 per day, per room for a guide and about R150-200 per day, per room for a tracker.

Again though, whatever you can afford.

For further information you might require about travelling in South Africa, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly reservations team at Kings Camp via email at [email protected] or by calling +27 (0)13 751 1621 / +27 (0)82 675 6539.

If you’d prefer to fill in our online booking form, you can find it here. We look forward to welcoming you to Kings Camp in the future.